Supporting Candidates in the Interest of
California Families for Health Rights

Which candidates should I support?

CA Families for Health Rights suggests  supporting the following candidates, even if they are not in your district, because they have the greatest chance of changing the make up of the legislature to get a majority supporting CA Health Rights.

Central Valley Area
Asm. District 32 – Support Todd Cotta (R) (

San Francisco Bay Area
Sen. District 15 – Support Ann Ravel (D) (

Los Angeles Area
Sen. District 21 – Support incumbent Scott Wilk (R) (
Asm. District 36 – Support incumbent Tom Lackey (R) (
Asm. District 63 – Support Maria Estrada (D) (

Orange County Area
Sen. District 29 – Support incumbent Ling Ling Chang (R) (
Sen. District 37 – Support incumbent John Moorlach (R) (
Asm. District 65 – Support Cynthia Thacker (R)
Asm. District 68 – Support incumbent Steven Choi (R) (
Asm. District 72 – Support Janet Nguyen (R) (
Asm. District 74 – Diane Dixon (R) (

Inland Empire Area
Sen. District 23 – Support Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh (R) (

California Families for Health Rights Goal

The goal is to get up to $20,000 in donations for each of the candidates above from donors who want informed choice, bodily autonomy, equal healthcare access for all and removal of medical treatment mandates for government assistance or education.

When you make a financial donation to a CA State Assembly or Senate campaign, put a note with your donation saying “Donated in the interest of California Families for Health Rights”.  Similarly, when you volunteer your time, mention that you support the California Families for Health Rights mission.

Please also complete the donation form below, so we can track how much has been donated supporting California Families for Health Rights.  This will allow us to show future candidates how much of an impact we have on elections.

    Candidates donating to and how much: